Tuesday, August 4, 2009

PayPal Israel is looking for Analysts!

Disclaimer: This blog is not intiated nor endorsed by Paypal.com. I am writing it not as an employee of the company and my opinions are strictly my own. I am, however, posting a publicly available job opening since I find it to be a very interesting position, to be our single source of truth.

Read more about the domain and the type of people.

PayPal Israel is looking for Risk Analysts


Analysts in PayPal are highly motivated team players, working within the Live Analytics group, specializing in understanding, creating and applying advanced proprietary fraud prevention models. The group members work in a variety of fraud related fields while using state of the art tools and methods (profiling, forensics, network analysis, machine learning and more). The ideal candidates have a passion for solving fraud "riddles" and strong analytic skills allowing them to analyze various kinds of data and information and come up with new understandings. The role encompasses acquisition and application of vast knowledge areas over a short period of time and requires a strong sense of personal responsibility. The position is shift based, in a hectic live environment, held in regular working hours. Role development includes increasing contact with cross-organization research groups, project and product management roles and various other positions inside the greater global risk organization inside PayPal.


- BA graduate or a final year student
- Full time position
- 1-2 years work experience
- Proven analytical skills - scoring more than 700 in the psychometric test or an equivalent is a must
- Quick-thinker, fast learner, wide general knowledge
- Team worker, responsible and trustworthy
- Strong deliverability within strict time frames
- Computer skills: experience with programming /scripting language, Excel, SQL - a plus
- General familiarity with Internet technologies and protocols - a plus
- Excellent English. Other languages - a plus


Anonymous said...

can i send you my CV?

Ohad Samet said...

Please send CVs to ozabary@paypal.com

lior said...

Hi Ohad,
Do you have a link to the rest of the open positions by Pay Pal Israel.